Alison S. Peterson APRN-BC

Alison S. Peterson ANP-BC earned a masters degree of nursing at Valdosta State University and is nationally certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner.  She has over 27 years of combined experience in critical care, women’s health, primary care, neurosurgery, hospice care and weight loss management. She has a special passion for assisting clients with life style modification that will lead them to a healthy weight.       

She has been involved in weight loss management for 8 years and has had extensive training in nutrition.  She lives in Clarke County and has 3 children.

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Client Testimonials

Harry "Tripp" Wingate, MD, FACEP

Greatest accomplishment – happily married 31 years to Ann C. Wingate. They have been blessed with 10 children. They met while attending UGA in 1981 during the “Era of Hershel”.  The Wingate family members have been active in the Oconee County community since 1998.

    Dr Wingate is a native of Georgia, graduate of the UGA class of ‘84 (Phi Beta Kappa) and an MCG graduate class of ’88. 

He did his residency in Family Practice and has over 25 years of clinical experience in primary care and emergency medicine. He is double boarded in Family Practice (BCFP) and Emergency Medicine (BCEM) through the American Board of Physician Specialists. He is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr Wingate has a passion for integrating the lifestyle medicine approach into primary care to help patients regain optimal health and reduce their need for medication.

What We Do

We will discuss the pros and cons of different diet patterns given your food preferences.  To assure a safe rate of weight loss, we advocate simplified journalling to track portion control and calorie budgeting.  The most successful eating plans for weight loss emphasize nutrition and taste. By following reasonable calorie budgets and learning the tactics of “mindful eating”, you will avoid the energy sapping metabolic state of starvation – the biggest enemy of effective long term weight loss.

  We will also help design a safe custom physical activity plan for you with the ultimate goal of meeting the US Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. If you feel you need more advanced instruction for a physical activity program, we will refer you to one of our trusted expert personal trainers.

Patient Information

Welcome to Oconee Weight & Wellness LLC. We are excited about helping you on your journey to more energy and to more enjoyment of life through adopting a healthier lifestyle.  Through our expert guidance, proven nutrition education and the power of relationship, we can help you reach and maintain your best healthy weight and state of well being.

  To assure safety first, at your initial visit we will review your medical history, complete a focused physical exam and run blood tests to identify major health risk factors.  We will also determine your Body Mass Index (BMI) to guide setting a healthy goal weight and a personalized nutrition plan.  Most patients will qualify for a prescription diet medication to help with appetite control.  These medications are proven safe and effective when used short term to jump start a medically supervised weight loss program (1).  Included in your OWW package are weekly B12 injections to boost metabolism (Lipovite injections are optional). Specific laboratory testing includes:  cholesterol, liver function, kidney function, and diabetes screening.

“I lost over 40 pounds and felt better than I have in years.  Alison is wonderful and I appreciate her counsel.”

-Linda S., Athens, GA.

I joined Oconee Weight and Wellness in late January and in a little over 4 months have lost more than 65 pounds.  Learning to watch my calorie intake and the types of calories is the goal along with keeping my appetite in control.  When I started this program it was a struggle to walk a distance further than my driveway without feeling winded.  I knew I needed to do something and this has been the right choice for me.  I also knew I could not do it on my own.  I had tried and just not succeeded.

I still have a good ways to go before I am at my goal but I have total confidence that I can do it.  I believe the thing that has been the biggest help has been Allison & Sally at Oconee Weight and Wellness.  They are so encouraging and actually cheer for me when I lose each week.  Their support has been key!  I think that is why every week I challenge myself to lose something.  So far every week I have lost weight, never had a gain.  

The weight loss I have had so far has changed my life and made me much more active and able to do the things I want to.  I love to go and do but had gotten where I didn’t feel capable at times.   My weight was starting to affect my life in a way that was making me a bit of a recluse.  I used to worry when I was going somewhere that involved a lot of walking and standing because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it.  Now I don’t worry about that.  Life is just better when you feel better.  I look forward to getting the rest of my weight off and being able to do even more and more and more!

Thank you Oconee Weight & Wellness

Joan W.